Additional Window Services

In addition to being your foremost authority on new windows and sliding glass doors, Cocos’ Discount Windows, Sliding Glass Doors & Glass Replacement is proud to provide a suite of glass services. Whether you’re dealing with a broken window or you notice fogging between your window panes, our experts offer the services needed to reverse these damages.

No matter how many windows your home has or what the extent of their needs may be, our team is prepared to provide the very best window repair in Grand Prairie, TX, along with peripheral services.

Foggy Windows

foggy windowsDual- and triple-pane windows have sealed gasses between the panes that keep heat energy from escaping through the glass. When these seals become damaged or ruptured, however, heat transference can occur. As warmer and cooler air meet, the create condensation, which appears as fogging between your panes.

Fogged panes indicate more than a ruptured seal—they signal inefficiency. Our team repairs seals and replaces affected panes to keep your home’s energy efficiency in check all year round. From inflated energy costs to new windows, our team saves you money by repairing your window seals!

Broken Windows

A cracked or shattered window pane needs to be fixed immediately, before more problems arise. We’re adept at providing our customers with window glass replacement in Grand Prairie, TX quickly and affordably. We install fresh panes of the highest caliber glass, so you can get back to enjoying your windows. Best of all, our comprehensive installation maintains the efficiency and aesthetic of your windows.

Solar Screens

window film tintingUV light can be extremely damaging to the interior of your home. It’ll fade fabric, paint, photos and just about anything else, while also raising the heat level in your home’s interior. The best way to prevent UV light from taking its daily toll on your home is to install solar screens.

Solar screens allow you to control how much UV light is getting through each window. Lower the screen when the sun is blinding and high, and raise it to let natural light in after the sun has subsided a little. You’ll preserve your home’s interior and be able to enjoy natural light at just the right increment.

If you need window repair or are interested in the benefits of solar screens on your windows, contact Cocos’ Discount Windows, Sliding Glass Doors & Glass Replacement today. We can be reached at (817) 917-9075 and are happy to discuss your window and glass needs at length.